Bhavna, Philip and Anisha’s experience of Chaparda – March 2014


Over the years we have supported BEHT on various fund-raising activities and heard about the development in Chaparda through BEHT newsletters and Ajay and Meera Gudka. However, seeing it all during our first visit to Chaparda was a great experience. Our recent trip to see the various projects brought home the scale of the work that has taken place over the years. It was truly an amazing experience to see the different projects… various schools, hostels, old peoples home, hospital, animal husbandry, organic farming. Such dedicated people running these projects. We were warmly welcomed and really looked after during our stay. Needless to say, it was great opportunity to meet the visionary Muktanadji Bapu and do hope to visit again soon and continue with our support for such a good charity foundation. I would encourage everyone to go and visit Chaparda and most importantly support in anyway you can.


I was overwhelmed with the scale and range of activity that is being done for such a good cause and everyone who helps and contributes to BEHT is helping to make a difference to these communities. Bapuji and the staff in Chaparda made us feel as though we are part of this great big family and we can’t thank them enough for all they did whilst we were there.


As a supporter of BEHT for years, I was keen to visit the ashram in Chaparda and various schools, youth hostels, elderly care home. The development of the projects exceeded my expectations and I really felt a strong sense of community within the ashram and institutions. Our time there was very short but the schools for girls and blind children, hospital, elderly care home etc were remarkable with dedicated students and staff. It was an enjoyable experience which I hope to revisit soon.

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