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There are many ways of donating and volunteering towards good causes through BEHT

Recent research by Philanthropy UK, revealed why people give:

  • Belief in the cause: Donors want to change or enhance society’s systems in line with a personal interest or belief, or they are driven by a sense of national, regional or local pride.
  • Being a catalyst for change: Donors want to have an impact, to make a difference.
  • Self-actualisation: Individuals wish to ‘define their place in history’, believing that the highest recognition of posterity lies in what they can do for the sake of others.
  • Duty and responsibility: Citing the obligations of wealth, donors desire to give something back to society.
  • Relationships: Donors enjoy the relationships they establish with the charity, its beneficiaries and other donors.

You can donate or volunteer:

  • Capital cost towards Education or Health projects
    Help to build village schools as part of our Anand Dhara Project. Typically, it costs £ 8,000 to build one class room. If interested, please contact any of the trustees or email for further information.
    If you wish to donate towards equipment or machines for the hospital, contact for current requirements.
  • Help to build water bore holes
    As the water table sinks lower and lower, bore holes need to be dug to the depth of almost 1000m.
    Cost of digging to that depth and fitting a water pump costs about £ 4,000.
  • Sponsor a student

      A donation of £ 451 annually will educate and board 1 child. BEHT has approx. 8,000 children receiving education at its 4 centres, namely Chaparda, Adhoi, Junagadh and Savarkundla. Of these, about 400 children are sponsored by overseas donors. These are either orphans or children from a very poor background who cannot afford to pay any fees.
    To sponsor 1 street child to educate in our Savarkundla schools is £ 50 per year.
  • By taking part in one of BEHT’s fund raising events or giving your time for voluntary work during charitable events or helping out in other ways.
  • If you are a student or teacher and wish to spend some time teaching either in your holidays or during your gap year. By giving your time for voluntary work during charitable events or helping out in any way in the two schools in India. See recent students experiences. Contact us by email to register your interest.
  • Sponsor an elderly person

    A donation of £ 480 annually will help to provide boarding, food, clothes, medicine and other expenses for an elderly person for a year. These elderly people come mainly from small villages and are either living alone or have been cast out from their family with nowhere to go. The majority of them live here in dignity until they die. BEHT has about 100 such elders in residence at Chaparda.  
  • Sponsor a Village school as part of our Anand Dhara Project
    Donation of £ 500 will help to provide materials, equipment and teaching support to one school per year. There are 41 schools in our project all situated in Visavadar Taluka.
  • Sponsor patient’s treatment in our hospital
    Donation of £ 100 will help to treat 20 patients in our hospital.
    Donation of £ 500 will help to treat 100 patients in our hospital
    Typically, it costs £ 5 to treat one patient. Diagnosis and treatments are carried out free of charge and the patient only pays for the medicine.
  • By leaving something for BEHT in your wills. Charities receive significant sums of money each year through bequests. If you give in this way you reduce the inheritance tax liability that would otherwise have arisen on your death estate. This is an effective way of giving to the charity of your choice and reducing your inheritance tax bill. The next time your solicitor reviews your will, mention your charitable intentions: typically a bequest to a charity can be easily included in your wishes by a solicitor. To see how to do this, check out the website or contact BEHT.
  • Donate Online
  • Organising fund raising events on behalf of BEHT, especially if you are a social or charitable organisation and you wish to raise funds for a good cause.
  • To feed the children and elders

      A donation of £ 45 will help to feed milk to 600 street children per day in our Savarkundla schools.
    For a special day like anniversary, birthday, engagement, marriage, a religious occasion or in a memory of a departed loved one (tithi), a donation of £ 451 will help to feed one meal to about 1,800 children, elders and staff at our Brahmanand Vidya Mandir School in Chaparda.

  • By companies to donate a similar amount to what they would spend towards greeting cards or gifts to mark Diwali, Christmas or any special occasions.
  • By creating links on your websites to BEHT’s website.
  • Any other way not listed above, BEHT would like to hear from you.
  • To feed the animals in the dairy farm

    A donation of £ 300 will help to feed about 450 cows for a day in the dairy farm, which produces milk for the children, elderly and staff at both schools.  

How to make tax-efficient donations to BEHT

Most people in the UK give money to charity but not necessarily in the best possible way. Providing that you are a UK tax payer, you could hugely boost your charitable donations simply by giving in a tax-efficient way.

Gifts of cash, shares and even land and buildings can be made tax efficiently to charity. In certain circumstances the charity ends up with more than your gift, because the Treasury will gross up the value of the gift. If you are a higher rate tax payer you may claim additional income tax relief on gifts that qualify for this treatment.

If you like to donate. Please click the below links:

Please contact BEHT if you wish to volunteer towards any of the above and if you require further information.


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