Education is BEHT’s major focus and it’s vision on education is:

  • To provide educational opportunities to orphaned children or children from one parent families.
  • To provide educational opportunities for boys and girls from the rural area at an affordable cost.
  • To develop young people who can become leaders of tomorrow and who have a positive attitude to life i.e. they are disciplined, hard working and have good moral values.
  • To develop individuals who work for the whole of humanity.
  • To provide education for the 21st century with appropriate use of computers and other new technology.
  • To establish centres of excellence in education which can be used as resource centres by other local schools and teachers.

Map of Gujarat showing the
location of 4 schools.

To fulfil this vision, BEHT has established 4 educational centres in Gujarat in collaboration with Bhagavatinandji Education Trust (BET) in India. The first centre, Brahmanand Vidya Mandir, is situated in Chaparda, 30km from Junagadh in Junagadh District. The second centre, Gopalanand Vidya Mandir is situated in Adhoi, Bachau District in Kutchh. There is another centre in Junagadh and a new one has opened in Savarkundla. About 4000 children, most from under-priveleged backgrounds and many orphans, are being educated at these centres.

Brahmanand Vidya School, Chaparda, Junagadh

This is where the whole idea of setting up BEHT began back in 1996. Seeing children roaming around without hope inspired the trustees of BEHT to work towards a goal of helping these children. What started up as a small education project for 200 boys has grown into a project for over 1800 children.

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Gopalanandji Vidya School, Adhoi, Kutchh

This is the second major project BEHT has undertaken. Soon after the devastating Earthquake in Kutchh, Gujarat in January 2001, a decision was made to build a school here. With the help of GERF (Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund) a school was built for about 500 children and started in June 2002. Currently, about 800 children are studying here.

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Educating Girls

Since starting the Brahmanand Vidya Mandir for boys, BEHT has constantly been asked to start a facility for the girls. There is now a boarding house for 100 girls in Chaparda sponsored by a London based charitable organisation – Mukti Trust. And a second boarding house for girls is in Junagadh City for 320 girls supported by another London based charitable organisation – Inner Joy Foundation.


It has become increasingly important for the students at these schools to become proficient in the English language. There are considerable barriers in being able to work in the international community without this second language and with many children aspiring to be involved in associated careers the language has in fact become a necessity.

Inspection Report by Dr Kirit and Meena Modi

In mid 2005 Dr Kirit and Meena Modi inspected the school in Chaparda. The aim of this inspection was to improve and raise the standard of education and many of the issues raised are being addressed.

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Teaching Experiences

If you are taking a gap year from university or a career break or you know of someone else who is, why not make use of that time by teaching children English in India. There are great benefits to be obtained by assisting in a place like Chaparda. Not only will you feel joy in seeing the fruits of your labour but the care and attention you will receive by the school staff and students will be unbeatable. Minimum requirement is for at least 6 month stay. Below are accounts from some of those who have taught in Chaparda:

Arti Mistry’s Annual ‘Journey’ to India

Every trip I take to India is not complete without a visit to Pujya Muktanandji Bapu at Charparda. Regardless of how busy my traveling schedule is, each time I visit Bapu, I spend a few days with him at his ashram. Days are spent listening to stories and learning a lot about life and its challenges.

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Veeral Dhanani Unplugged in Chaparda

I was lucky enough to spend a week in Chaparda during the summer of 2005. My parents had told me about the school and I had visited the website, but I still wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. The idea of a charity funded school that provides education, accommodation and…

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Aarti’s & Panasha’s teaching experience at Brahmanand Vidya School

I decided to travel to India after I finished my degree. As tempting as it was to lie on a beach in Goa and passively observe the hustle and bustle of India pass by, I wanted to absorb the culture by getting involved. Teaching English in Charparda gave me the perfect opportunity to do this…

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Ravi’s and Stefan’s teaching experience at Brahmanand Vidya School

In June 2004, we went to the school in Chaparda to teach English and sport to the students. After a long journey, we were greeted at Rajkot airport by two of Bapu’s ‘disciples’, who accompanied us on the final leg of the journey – a three hour drive through small villages and unkempt roads…

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