Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does BEHT stand for?

Bhagvatinandji Education and Health Trust

  1. Is BEHT a registered charity?

Yes, Registered Charity no 1072109

    1. Who are its trustees?

Ajay Gudka, Vipul Malde, Chetan Shah, Jaymal Gudka, Meena Modi OBE, and Jyotika Gudka.

    1. What are BEHT’s objectives?

BEHT’s objectives are:
1. The advancement of Education of people living in the area of benefit.
2. To provide relief to the poor, the handicapped, the disabled, the sick and the aged.
3. To provide relief for victims of disaster of people living in the area of benefit.

    1. What are the other working names of BEHT?

BHET, Bhagvatinandji Education & Health Trust, Bhagvatinandji Health & Education Trust

  1. Where is BEHT’s area of benefit?


    1. Why is the area of benefit India only?

Initially to keep the focus in one area

    1. How do I get involved?

Please contact one of the trustees and state how you would like to get involved.

    1. How do I Gift Aid my donation?

It is very simple. You must be a UK taxpayer and must fill up the name and address details on the gift aid form.

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