Omi & Mahendra Sodha

Omi and Mahendra Sodha’s trip to Chaparda

Thank you very much for organising our visit to the Ashram. We were received and looked after very well by all the members.

We spent a lot of time with Bapuji and enjoyed his frank and enthusiastic approach to the development of the school and the activities around the school. We were 4 of us, with different interests, but we were all impressed by the varied activities and projects that are supported under the same umbrella. The organisation and management under Bapuji is very good and the use of the modern technology was very evident in all the activities.

We had the opportunity, even at the end of the term, to meet with the year 10 pupils in class and the girls in their living quarters. The care with which the girls presented themselves showed us how happy and secure they were in the environment. I would like to have spent a little more time with the children to get to know what was being taught and the syllabus- but we arrived at the start of the Diwali holidays, when most of the pupils had left for their homes.

I (Omi) am hoping that I can visit the Ashram another time, in the future, for about a week, during term time and observe the teaching, with the view of being able to decide if I could spend a few months teaching there. These are my thoughts for the future as I get more time.

All of us were very impressed by the enormous effort and enthusiasm with which the concept of self reliance in every possible field was pursued by the ashram.

We were quite emotional at the plight of the old people. Although their accommodation was basic, they were secure and happy and it was due to Bapuji giving them the love that they seemed to have lost.


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