Oshwal Achievement Award

We are very pleased to announce that our founding trustee, Ajay Gudka, was presented an Oshwal Achievement Award recently. This recognizes Ajay’s charity work in the field of Education and Health in India.

Ajay set up BEHT as a registered charity in 1998 after visiting India a few times in the 90’s. There he met Pujya Muktanandji, a saint living near the Gir Jungle in the Junagadh District of Gujarat. They developed a strong
friendship, which led them to establishing various trusts to educate children, improve the health of the locals, support the elderly, as well as care for animals.

Oshwal Achievement AwardSince then, BEHT has raised £2.5 million which has been used to set up 4 educational centres in Gujarat, a 172 bed hospital, a Vrudh ashram for elderly people, a school for the blind, and a dairy farm. Recently they have embarked on an outreach programme to build 32 new schools in the villages surrounding Chaparda, the main location of these projects.

They are also helping to revolutionise the farming in this area by introduction of technologies such as drip irrigation, green and net houses. To sum up, BEHT is directly improving approximately 10,000 lives in Gujarat, but undoubtedly this fi gure rises as the effects diffuse out to others in contact.


watch a short video of BEHT

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