Roshni Malde

An Amalgamation of Teaching and Learning in Chaparda

After finishing my third year studying dentistry at university, my summer vacation seemed like the perfect opportunity to visit the Brahmanand Vidya School in Chaparda and discover the life first hand, which I had always heard about from various other family members who had already been. Taking classes about basic oral hygiene and dietary advice allowed me to fill the gap in teaching the young children something that they had not been taught before at school.


The younger children were very receptive to the new information and were eager to get involved with the practical demonstrations of ‘how to brush your teeth effectively,’ where I used a model of my own teeth.



Out of the classroom it was pleasant to see how satisfied and content the children were with their simple life. It was a shame to come to the end of my three day teaching period as it was amazing how quickly I became attached to the kids and vice versa when they addressed me as ‘Roshni didi’ and asked when I will be teaching them again and when I will visit them again.


I was lucky enough to visit the dental hospital in the nearby town of Visavadar, where the dentist kindly allowed me to diagnose some of his patients with the complaints they presented with. It was surprising to see that his surgery was more developed than I had expected and it was interesting to see the differences in how things work in a dental practice in India and the UK.

My trip to Chaparda was completed by a visit to Raamnath and Bapu’s tranquil and nature orientated ashram.

By the end of the class, the students shared some great feedback on the key messages they had learnt from the lesson, which was also a good indication of how effective my communication in Gujarati was!

Due to all the people in Chaparda village and their hospitality, my experience was made rewarding, fulfilling and memorable.


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