Hospital Project, Chaparda

BET has built a 172 bed hospital in Chaparda, Visavadar Taluka in Junagadh District, Gujarat, India with the help of a Mumbai donor. The hospital will serve upto 250 villages with a total population of about 600,000 in the three Talukas – Visvader, Bheshan and Mehndarda. Currently, the nearest health care centre for an emergency or a more serious illness is in Junagadh City or Rajkot which for the majority of the rural population is too far – for most a journey of upto 100km and also expensive. This project will also benefit about 6000 families who are below the poverty line in these three talukas. Also the literacy rate combined with poor infrastructure and transportation services means that this project will be very helpful to the entire Junagadh District.

The hospital has ground floor and first floor to accommodate eleven or so departments and be run by a team of 6 doctors, about 50 nurses and a further 50 ancillary staff. The departments will include Radiology, Paediatric, Medicine, Surgical, Orthopaedic, Ophthalmology, Dental, Pathology, ENT, Outpatient and Gynaecology departments.

Ambulance project

Transporting sick elderly

BEHT’s first project of providing a mobile ambulance to Chaparda back in year 2000 is still going strong. The aim of this project is to offer a transport service to the nearest medical centre to about 40 villages in the Visavadar Taluka. It has been handling on average 20 cases a month. This service is greatly appreciated by the local community. On the other hand the cost of maintaining this ambulance unit is gradually increasing as it ages and BEHT may need to replace it soon. £ 1470 towards running expense and maintenance is provided by BEHT on an annual basis

How the Ambulance project started

In June 1999, BEHT held a charity swimathon to raise funds for a mobile ambulance unit to serve the villages around Chaparda. 92 swimmers of all ages from 5 years onwards took part. Several swam over 100 lengths. It was a thoroughly enjoyable occasion which also raised a very impressive amount of nearly £15,000.

We purchased a mobile ambulance unit for Health Aid Trust in India. A TATA chassis was purchased and an ambulance body was built on it to our specification. The total cost for the complete unit was £7,320 – a bargain compared to prices here in the UK!

The ambulance unit was delivered in February 2000, and went straight into operation. Two drivers are employed and notice boards displaying information about the service were put up in about 30 villages within a 50 mile radius. In the first year 165 cases had been handled at an average of 15 cases per month. These include accident cases, severe illnesses, broken limbs, etc. Where necessary, patients have been transferred to major hospitals in Rajkot and Ahmedabad. Many of the people who have benefited are often the main or only bread winners of their families, and the ambulance service has helped them to get back to work much sooner than would have been possible otherwise. A voluntary payment scheme has been introduced, whereby those who can afford to contribute towards the cost of fuel do so. Those who cannot afford to pay at all are given the service free. Running costs amount to approx. £125 per month, and BEHT is providing for these costs from a separate endowment which it has invested in a deposit account.

BEHT has monitored the project and indeed two of the Trustees have visited Chaparda and seen the ambulance service in operation. We are very pleased to say that the whole operation is running very smoothly indeed, and it fulfils our original intentions.

Medical centre

Medical centres, based in Adhoi and Chaparda, are maintaining good health standards for all the children, elderly, staff and families and local population. Regularly a dentist and an optician hold clinics in the surgery for the whole community.

Doctor seeing a local
lady patient in Adhoi surgery

A Doctor’s Surgery is now completed and in operation in Chaparda. It will serve the whole school community at Brahmanand Vidya complex – about 650 children, about 50 staff and their families, 120 elderly persons and people from neighbouring villages. The surgery has been equipped with essential equipment for minor illnesses and accidents. If a patient requires further treatment, then he/she is transferred by the ambulance to the nearest medical centre. A qualified doctor is employed and resides on the site. The doctor’s surgery was funded by donations by several UK donors amounting to £18,000.

Eye Camp

An eye camp was held in October 2005 sponsored by the Dhanani family in memory of the Late Nemchandbhai Dhanani. Over 3 days, about 150 patients were operated and then cared for. The sponsors of the event were satisfied that every pound of their donation was utilised properly. Click here to read more about how the Dhanani family remembered their loved one.


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